Tru Momentum Small Logo, Tru Momentum ELITE, Tru Ninja Coaching

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Add a small Tru Momentum logo on to any shirt! Choose heat transfer if you'd like to "do it yourself" and iron it on to your existing shirt or select it as an add-on to a shirt you're purchasing. The size of this small logo will go great on the sleeve of a t-shirt, the back of a shirt, the front bottom corner or anywhere you'd like!

If you select "Add-On to Shirt" you must have another shirt added to your shopping cart when checking out. Please leave me a note as to where you'd like the logo to be placed.

LOGO SIZE: 3"H X 2.4"W


  • Pre-heat iron/heat press to 305° (cotton heat setting for home iron)
  • Pre-press/iron garment for about 5 seconds to release any wrinkles
  • Position transfer on garment and ensure it's exactly where you want it on the garment
  • Cover your garment completely with either a teflon sheet, kraft paper, or parchment paper to protect the fabric and mask from over heating
  • Press down with medium pressure for about 10-12 seconds
  • Lift up iron and move to next area, and continue steps until you have covered all areas, overlapping partially with each section
  • Wait for it to cool completely, remove cover sheet and peel off the masking sheet, exposing the printed design
  • If masking sheet doesn’t come off easily, repress the area for a few seconds until it easily comes of when cooled
  • Once masking sheet is removed, put cover sheet (teflon sheet, kraft paper, or parchment paper) back on the printed design and press area for 5-7 seconds
  • Inspect the transfer to make sure there is no corners or parts that haven’t fully stuck to the garment. Complete last step until the transfer has completely adhered to garment.